Interior Redesign

ResidentialYour home should be your sanctuary, a place you can unwind and relax in when you walk in the door. Don’t have that feeling? Not sure what’s missing or what you can do to create that cozy, homey feel? A redesign service might be the answer! It can be done by rearranging your current belongings or buying a few new pieces, if desired, to create a refreshed living space for you to enjoy. Eco-friendly alternatives can also be suggested if health, money or the environment are concerns of yours.

CommercialYour company image should always be a priority. Our redesign services can help you redefine your business and how you are viewed by your customers. This can be achieved by changing the location of the reception desk for a more open feel to repainting and investing in a few new items to add to the desired effect. Eco-friendly alternatives can also be incorperated.

Another important part of your business image is how your product is viewed and represented. This is where product styling is important in order to show your product in use making it more desirable and creating a want within your customers which will increase sales.

    Styling To Sell

It only takes 10 seconds…

Selling your home is like going on a blind date. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Since most home buyers form an opinion within 10 seconds of viewing a home, this first impression is priceless.

Just like a blind date, you want to make sure you have all of the right accessories on, your outfit shows off your best features and everything coordinates. That’s what we do for your home. We play up the best features of your home and minimize the least appealing. Whether it’s a buyers or sellers market, styling ensures your property shows well in photos and in person, is a “must-see” and will sell for the highest amount in the shortest time. How can you go wrong with that?!

“Getting a home ready to sell and ready to live in are two completely different things. Decorating for you and your family is about making your home feel cozy; staging is about merchandising properties.”

Consultation – Each consultation is 1.5 hours long where a thorough walk-thru of your home is completed with a professional stager which includes a set of guidelines and a “to do” list for the home owners. Possible paint suggestions may be made along with furniture rentals which are priced separately if needed.

The home owner can implement the suggested changes themselves, have J Lee Style + Design assist to complete the list faster, or have us complete everything for you depending on your schedule, timeline and budget…it’s up to you how involved you want us to be!

Home Styling – When it comes to selling your home staging makes sense. We can use your current items, rent furniture to compliment what you already have or just add a few new accessories to give it that final, polished look. Furniture will be rearranged to show your home's best features while creating a space buyers can envision themselves living in. Paint colour suggestions may also be made which can be implemented by the home owner or J Lee Style + Design can eliminate that stress by having our reliable contractors complete the job for you.

Condo Styling – With any space, you want to ensure it shows well and gives an open and inviting feel. Furniture placement, paint colours and lighting can go a long way for smaller spaces. Our specialized condo styling and can ensure your space will show to it’s full potential.

Vacant Home Styling – Most people can’t envision how a space will look with furniture and only spend an average of 10 minutes in a vacant property compared to 40 minutes in a furnished home. Don’t hide your property’s full potential, let J Lee Style + Design dazzle your potential buyers by styling your home. This service prices all furniture rentals separately.

    Holiday + Event Decorating

Hosting a dinner party, engagement party or having a luncheon for an anniversary? Whatever the event let J Lee Style + Design help create an unforgettable event. We can do all the decorating for you so you can sit back and relax while catching up with family and friends.

Holiday decorating for the home or office can be time consuming and stressful so let us do the shopping and put up the trimmings for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, you name it! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your festive surroundings!

With the environment and your health in mind, eco options are available such as biodegradable tableware, eco floral arrangements, chemical-free cleaning services and more!

    Additional Services

+ Shopping service
+ Home move-in decorating
+ Space organization
+ Open house styling
+ Item rentals (furniture, décor items    etc)

    Contractor Services

+ Photography
+ Painting & Carpentry
+ Flooring Installation
+ Cleaning Services
+ Lawn Care

For more information on our services please contact us

    Terms & Conditions

· A flat rate applies for consultation services.
· 50% deposit due 1 week before Staging starts balance due on Staging day.
· Home Staging Services are to be fully paid at the time of service.
· A non-refundable deposit is required for shopping services.
· A detailed invoice will be provided for all services.
· The fee quoted will depend on the number of rooms to be Staged, square footage of   the home or property, rental furniture & accessories and the work that needs to take   place.